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EXALT Strike The XCOM Board Game With New Expansion

282 days ago 1

Fantasy Flight Games have delved deeper into the Evolution Expansion for XCOM: The Board Game where the secretive organisation known as EXALT starts to interfere with the plans of your squad.

XCOM 2 Announced

XCOM 2 Announced & Coming To PC In November

809 days ago 24

XCOM 2 has been announced! If you liked the original game then you’re going to be getting more of the same but with an added dose of awesomeness. Watch the trailer inside…

Alert, Alert! UFOs have Arrived from Fantasy Flight with XCOM

932 days ago 1

XCOM: The Board Game is now available from Fantasy Flight Games. You now can get one of the hottest games to be previewed at GenCon 2014.

Add Some Alien Intelligence To Your XCOM Game

1063 days ago 7

Incoming alien threat! the new XCOM:THE BOARD GAME from Fantasy Flight Games is showing off their app that is the central piece to playing this innovative game.

X-COM The Board Game Is Coming From Fantasy Flight!

1109 days ago 20

Take on the martian invaders with X-COM: The Board Game coming out soon from Fantasy Flight Games. It even runs alongside a digital app that helps run the game!

XCOM Enemy Within Narrated Gameplay

1362 days ago 3

Following on from our interview last week we thought you guys might like to see a bit more of how XCOM Enemy Within plays.

In this video Ananda Gupta the lead designer goes through how some of the game mechanics work.

We Talk Tabletop with Lead XCOM Designer Ananda Gupta

We Talk Tabletop with Lead XCOM Designer Ananda Gupta

1366 days ago 14

At a recent press event in London we had the chance to sit down with lead designer of XCOM: Enemy Within
Ananda Gupta to chat about how tabletop gaming influences video gaming.