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Z War One Looks Towards A New Survivor On Kickstarter

780 days ago 2

Z War One from Dice Sports is now funded and they are looking towards their next stretch goal which might make fans of The Last Of Us smile a little. See what you think of the young but deadly Amy Riley…

Grab The Comic Inspired Z War One Board Game On Kickstarter

785 days ago 2

Dice Sports are on Kickstarter looking to fund their zombie slaying board game Z War One which is unique in that it has a comic book twist. Check it out in the gameplay above and some more information below…

New Countdown To The Comic Book Campaign As Z War One Is On!

789 days ago 4

Do you have what you need to fend off zombies? You have until June 1st to get ready, because on that date, Dice Wars launches their comic book, campaign Kickstarter – Z War One!

Z War One Promotes Zombie Game With Short Film

Z War One Promotes Zombie Game With Short Film

1435 days ago 15

Check out Z War One: Extraction then wait for the Kickstarter on this role-playing horror filled board game.