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Assemble Your Aegis VII Mechanised Combat Unit From Zealot

22 hours ago 3

Zealot Miniatures has added a cool new Sci-Fi creation to their webstore for those of you looking to have the most hi-tech gadgets on the battlefield. See what you think of the Aegis VII Mechanized Combat Unit.

Zealot Work On Sci-Fi Ships For Ganesha Games’ Star Eagles

13 days ago 11

Zealot Miniatures have been working with Ganesha Games to produce a range of Sci-Fi ships for their game, Star Eagles.

Grimlord Games Show Off Heroes & Monsters For Village Attacks

35 days ago 7

Grimlord Games, the minds behind Endure The Stars, are planning out their next Kickstarter campaign called Village Attacks.

Zealot Miniatures Unleash Big Brutish Monsters For Your Dungeon

69 days ago 4

Zealot Miniatures has added some big brutish monsters to their collection for use in your Fantasy armies and of course when you head out on an adventure.

Weekender XLBS: Waterloo Conspiracy Theories & Is Hex Terrain The Future of Gaming Tables?

Weekender XLBS: Waterloo Conspiracy Theories & Is Hex Terrain The Future of Gaming Tables?

96 days ago 107

It’s time for a proper dose of relaxation this
Sunday as we delve into the Weekender
XLBS and talk with you lovely Backstagers!

Zealot Miniatures Show Off Some Fantasy Female Heroes

100 days ago 13

Zealot Miniatures have designed up a set of four alternative Female Heroes for you to use in a dungeon crawl. Based on the traditional format we have a Barbarian, Warrior, Rogue/Ranger and a Wizard.

Zealot Sculpt Up Grimwolden’s First Rhorlan Miniature

108 days ago 3

Zealot Miniatures have sculpted up the first miniature for Grimwolden Games’ Faith & Flintlocks game. See what you think of their Rhorlan One-Horn.

Meet The Characters Coming To Ulfsark’s Taiyo Dynasties

143 days ago 9

Ulfsark Games are working towards their game, Taiyo Dynasties, which features some very interesting characters. Zealot Miniatures have printed some of these characters to show off.

Zealot Miniatures Unleash The Spined Hounds

176 days ago 24

Zealot Miniatures have released three new dynamic Spined Hounds to hunt down the enemy and keep them out of your yard.

Zealot Miniatures Kill Off Adventurers & Find Familiars

180 days ago 5

Zealot Miniatures have shown off both the dreadful and the whimsical with their latest releases. Delving into dungeons is bad business and you could end up like one of these Fallen Adventurers.

Zealot Miniatures Get Stuck Into Some Tabletop Robotics

272 days ago 7

Zealot Miniatures shared a rather awesome image via Twitter showing off what they’ve been working on in the realm of Sci-Fi. See what you make of this miniature here which stands around 60mm tall…

Zealot Miniatures Latest Prototypes Are Well Worth a Look

766 days ago 3

Zealot Miniatures have recently got themselves a new 3D printer and are working on bringing out more prototypes for their Twisting Catacombs dungeon scenery range.

Zealot Miniatures Furnish Twisting Catacombs

826 days ago 3

Zealot Miniatures are showing of some of the advance castings that have appeared for their Twisting Catacombs dungeon scenery set.

More Dungeon Terrain With Twisting Catacombs Kickstarter

874 days ago Comments Off

Now you can outfit your dungeon with Twisting Catacombs: Miniature Dungeon Scenery Kickstarter from Zealot Miniatures. This project gives you walls, furniture, secret passages and more!

Zealot Miniatures Show Off More Of Their Dungeon Terrain

920 days ago 1

Will you be taking to Kickstarter to fund this selection of awesome terrain from Zealot Miniatures for dungeon delving!