Zealot Miniatures Latest Prototypes Are Well Worth a Look

January 19, 2015 by dracs

Zealot Miniatures have recently got themselves a new 3D printer and are working on bringing out more prototypes for their Twisting Catacombs dungeon scenery range.

First up we get to see this Well, still wet from post-processing.


Wells are useful additions to a tabletop, whether they serve as just a place to rest and get a drink or as bottomless pits in which some horrible monster has made its lair. There is a reason wells tend to turn up in fairy stories, it’s because they can be really creepy.

Monster won’t just be coming up out of Zealot’s well though, as they have redone their Unholy Portal.

Unholy Portal

Now made slightly larger to allow the summoning of really big daemons, this Unholy Portal reportedly only needs a little bit more post-production work before it can be molded up.

As a terrain feature, the Unholy Portal makes the perfect centre piece for a dungeon room, serving as the objective for a scenario while spewing horrors from dimensions beyond man’s comprehension. Good job their’s a dwarf in the party who comprehends it perfectly.

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"There is a reason wells tend to turn up in fairy stories, it's because they can be really creepy."