Monks & Deadly Assassins Arrive In Kensei

December 17, 2012 by brennon

Zenit Miniatures have a whole host of new models appearing in the world of Kensei. Check out the Monks, Ashigaru and Assassins below which can add to your clan…

Samurai with Dai Katana

Ashigaru with Guns

First up we have these Samurai and Ashigaru which could help reinforce the core of your army. The mighty Dai-Katana was a deadly weapon and used by only the best warriors in the clan. In comparison the Teppo or rifle used by the Ashigaru were deadly and dishonourable weapons that many looked upon with disdain.

Monks with Naginata

If you’re looking to add a more spiritual edge to proceedings then how about these Monks with Naginata. More often than not the monks were pushed into conflicts they had no want or need to be part of, so their training with these deadly weapons was more than helpful.



If you want things to be a little more subtle then you might need the help of either the Shinobi or Geisha. Both have been trained in a particular breed of assassination but come at their target from very different angles.

Model wise these are all looking fairly impressive and continuing the trend from Zenit. Let’s see those samurai clans expand!

What do you think of these new releases?