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Thomarillion Build Up The Defences Around The Southgate

539 days ago 4

See what you make of the large Southgate piece of terrain from Ziterdes and Thomarillion that would be great for using as an area of Bree I reckon!

Thomarillion’s Crooked Housing & An Abbey Take Shape

577 days ago 3

Check out some rather neat looking hard foam terrain coming out of both Thomarillion and Ziterdes for use in both Historical and Fantasy games.

A Guide To Making A Perfect Lord Of The Rings Tabletop!

727 days ago 17

I’ve talked about getting back into The Lord of the Rings Strategy Battle Game and getting the miniatures is proving easy. It’s the tabletop I want to work on now! Here’s my handy guide to getting yourself some awesome Middle-Earth style terrain.

Ziterdes Hunker Down In Mighty Dwarf Fortress

1060 days ago 1

Ziterdes take on the enemy in their mighty Dwarf Fortress. Will you be lining the walls with your deadly Dwarfs and holding off every on-comer?