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CMON Preview Another Survivor Fighting For Their Life In Zombicide: Invader


Another of the survivors who will be struggling against the monstrous hordes of Zombicide: Invader has been previewed by CMON; a heroic soldier named Jared.

Monstrous Xenos & New Survivor Previews For CMON’s Zombicide Invader


CMON and Guillotine Games continue to preview what’s around the corner for Zombicide: Invader. The alien forces of the Xenos are supported by this hulking Tank.

Weekender: Kaiju & Jaegers Clash In Pacific Rim: Extinction + John's Star Wars Challenge!

Weekender: Kaiju & Jaegers Clash In Pacific Rim: Extinction + John’s Star Wars Challenge!


CMON Preview First Hero & Xenos For Zombicide: Invader


The CMON and Guillotine Games teams have been previewing some of the upcoming characters and creatures for Zombicide: Invader which will hit Kickstarter on April 10th.

CMON Announce Zombicide: Invader Kickstarter


It looks like CMON aren’t done with Zombicide just yet as they are heading into space with their next Kickstarter for the game entitled Zombicide: Invader.