15mm Trolls Have Come Down From The Mountains!

August 18, 2014 by brennon

15mm.co.uk have a new set of Trolls ready to descend on the battlefield in search of a good meal. Will you go wandering off into the wilderness and then come screaming out of the woods shouting Troooooolll!?

15mm Trolls

15mm Trolls (Scale)

The miniatures are awesome looking and I like the variety of poses. On top of that the actual detail is really good at this scale, something I have to still get used to, and the painting isn't shabby either!

I think it would be quite cool to take a selection of the 15mm adventurers you can get from other companies and then run dungeons in this scale rather than 28mm. You'd certainly be able to transport your collection a lot easier!

What do you think of the trolls?

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