Games Workshop Painting Tutorial: How To Paint A Bloodthirster Part Two

March 5, 2015 by brennon

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In the second part of this Games Workshop Painting Tutorial Duncan Rhodes shows you how to go about working on the Bloodthirster's Armour, some more of the work on the Bone and also some tips on making Fire look great...

BT2 Armour Base

BT2 Armour Base 2

BT2 Whip Painting

BT2 Super Detailing

BT2 Painting Fire

The end result looks pretty spectacular I think you'll agree and I reckon that this is one of their best tutorials yet. For such a big model to turn out looking like this with some relatively simple techniques is great and it's nice to have something achievable from the folks at Games Workshop.

Painting The Bloodthirster

What do you reckon to the end results?

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