September Painting Competition Results

October 5, 2011 by elromanozo

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We'd like to thank personally each and every one of the six entrants of the september painting competition... September is a tough month for most people to find time for hobbying, and your entries all show amazing dedication!

We feel that even though all entries did not deserve the prize, all of them deserve to be noted...

The judges recognized the dry-brushing skills shown by Wolf21's Cohen the Barbarian, which show that you can still do fine highlighting and detail work with basic techniques...

Mat94 did nice work on his dwarf doomseeker... The rocky and snowy base, the non metallic metal of the axes, the tattoos, the pants... A detailed model to be sure.

Dantihero1 impressed the judges very much by his HeroQuest barbarian conversion... While there's still room for improvement, his lava effects are excellent. You're on the right track!

Tinracer's take on the recent Games Workshop plastic kits was original and well painted. The ominous theme extends to a (slightly crowded) but sinister base...

Our winning entry is of course Frozenpyro's stunning dinosaur huntress... An amazing composition on a scratch-built base (this man actually sculpted the dead prey himself !), well served by a simple yet effective, desaturated, atmospheric colour scheme. It was an ambitious makeover you gave this Reaper Pathfinder girl, but Fortune favors the bold... You won the prize!

However, the judges were extremely impressed by Manpug's excellent Wolfen Nomad from Confrontation. Cool model, quite a bit bigger than the others... Yet Manpug, through cunning techniques and well mastered effects, has managed to produce the best paint-job this month (better than our winner, even). It's also a tremendous improvement on Manpug's last month entry.

For all this, we really had to give Manpug the honourable mention, and the backstage pass that goes with it !

This was a VERY tough choice, between Manpug's and Frozenpyro's entries, and they both had extremely inspiring WIP pictures... It was QUITE close. Down to very few points!

Congratulations to our winners, but also to every contestant, who have obviously applied themselves very hard, as shown in the amazing WIP pictures we saw this month!

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