Orcs & Goblins Take To Kickstarter In A Truly Epic Scale From 3DArtDigital

February 9, 2017 by deltagamegirl22

Painters and fans of fantasy, pay attention. 3DArtDigital has launched their truly epic Kickstarter for some of the most stunning fantasy characters I have ever seen (thinking yet again that I really need to learn how to paint someday...).

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The Orc and Goblin Miniatures: From Digital Sculpture To Reality project is live now and features four large-scale, collectable orcs and goblins with interchangeable weapons, armour and accessories.

3dart pieces

On top of these sculpts being exquisite, 3DArtDigital is doing something really clever with this project in offering backers different ways to get their minis. You can pledge traditionally, for hand cast models or you can ride the technology wave and pledge for the STL files to 3D print your orcs and goblins!

Granted, models of this calibre need to be printed on higher quality SLA or DLP printers as the models have very fine levels of details (0.3 mm), but I have to believe you would have an epic moment out of Frankenstein shouting, "It's alive! It's alive!", after bringing such realistic proportioned models to life yourself. Enough of that, let's talk about these minis.

3dart warlord

The Orc Warlord is the best combination of awesome and terrifying as he stands an imposing 178mm or 7 inches tall! This guy looks like he could crush his enemies with his sheer size and outrageous compliment of weapons - that is if they didn't turn and run after being pointed at like this.

3dart raider

Next up is the down right scary, Orc Raider. This guy just looks MEAN. He is an equally impressive, 155mm or 6.1 inches tall and full of an insane amount of detail. Look at his facial expression and those teeth! He just looks crazy, right? Like you probably don't want to make eye contact with him because it isn't going to end well for you.

3dart jawbreaker

Now we move on to the goblins. First up is Garr Jawbreaker. Dont' let his size fool you. He stands at 89mm or 3.5 inches tall, and he's just plain nasty. He has only one objective, and it isn't nice- beat you to a bloody pulp and eat whatever is left.

3dart archer

And last is the Goblin Archer. This little fellow isn't interested in charging into battle, instead he'll wait patiently to the side and pick off the pool souls that are excited to charge into the battle. This guy stands 103mm or 4.05 inches.

3dart backpack

Now don't forget, I mentioned interchangeable weapons and accessories- and they are every bit as fantastic as the minis themselves. There's armour, helmets, alternate heads, a whip, knives, battleaxes, a bow, shields, a sledgehammer, a cloak, a staff, a scimitar, a backpack and a very impressive, massive hammer. Honestly, I'm not sure how you even choose!

3dart baddies

Whether you are a gamer, a painter or a collector, these minis are an awesome addition to a collection. I know what you're thinking. Why aren't these in 28mm? It's definitely in the realm of possibility. If the project funds well, they plan to add 28mm minis to the project, but until then these minis need to be this big to show off all the amazing detail they've squeezed into these guys.

Which of these incredible minis will you be adding to your collection?

"Why aren't these in 28mm? It's definitely in the realm of possibility. If the project funds well, they plan to add 28mm minis to the project..."

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