4Ground Add The Sassy Gals Hotel To Their Western Range

October 4, 2014 by brennon

If there's anywhere guaranteed to start a fight it's probably the Sassy Gals Hotel that is next on the list for the Dead Man's Hand range from 4Ground...

Sassy Girl Hotel (Outer)

Sassy Girl Hotel (Interior)

This is going to be the next addition to the aforementioned Dead Man's Hand collection from 4Ground and is a typically awesome build from them. I love the multilayer structures that these guys come up with and it's perfect for skirmishing around inside with games like Legends of the Old West and Blackwater Gulch open to gamers who enjoy a bit of Wild West fun.

It reminds me of the taverns and such that you'd encounter in Red Dead Redemption and I'm very tempted to run some kind of scenario with the deadly John Marston and maybe even Red Harlow as the focus of some kind of ruckus down at the local hotel.

What do you think of this building?

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