4Ground Take You To A Fabled Town With New Terrain!

July 2, 2014 by brennon

On the 18th of July you'll be able to get your hands on 4Ground's new Fabled Town houses that will be perfect for crafting a brilliant urban or built up table full of backstabbing and tightly packed alley fighting...

Fabled Realm #1

Fabled Realm #2

Fabled Realm #3

As you can see they have a definite Fable vibe (as their title should suggest) and the whole selection looks to be different in a few slight ways creating the look of a ramshackle town where some more undesirable looking fellows might live. These look perfect for use with a whole bunch of fantasy based skirmish games!

Fabled Realm #4

Fabled Realm #5

Fabled Realm #6

There will eventually be eight of these buildings in the range so the buildings above plus two more on the horizon. As well as that they're hoping to create some ruined versions of these houses if you prefer the distressed look and some key signature buildings like a Blacksmiths, Tavern and Apothecary. Soon you'll have a whole fantasy town!

Do you like the look of these?

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