4Ground Have You Fighting Street To Street With New Terrain

October 25, 2014 by brennon

We're really impressed with the work that 4Ground have been doing for their World at War (and other) range. There's plenty to keep World War II players happy and it's all intuitive to put together and looks amazing without any paint. See what you think of some upcoming additions to the range...

Corner House #1

Detached Building

Terraced Buildings

The newest buildings give you options for Corner Housing, Detached Buildings and even some very neat looking Terraced Houses (I live in a terraced house so it's neat to see those!). Each of these has a distinct look and fits in with a very 'French' style although you could probably have them pop up all over Europe.

I think the Terraced Houses are my favourite and it would be good to get some tightly packed streets together for people to fight in rather than large roads. Have buildings hemming people in from all sides and then add some rules for destroying buildings potentially to make the paths more intricate.

What do you think of 4Ground?

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