4Ground Show Off What Terrain Is Coming To Salute

April 14, 2017 by brennon

4Ground are building on their terrain collection for not only their existing ranges but also the future of The Legends Of Fabled Realms too. Leading things off we saw this epic looking Fort which is just waiting to be assault by monsters.


Now you just need some buildings to fill this with and they appear to have that covered too with this neat looking building making its way to the tabletop soon as well...

Fabled Realms #1

Fabled Realms #2

A great place of sanctuary to hold out against the evil forces arrayed against you. I love all the detailing that has been done to the interior adding a lot of character to the building. I like that the roof has seen a few better days too, making it feel more realistic.

Heading East

As well as those Fabled Realms buildings we also have some new terrain which would look great on a Far Eastern tabletop.

Hut #1

These huts have a great look to them and might work out well for use in the likes of Bushido or maybe as buildings on a Pacific island during your World War II adventures.

Hut #2

It looks like you're going to get a few different options for building up your tabletop and they've gone with the fur look on the roof. It will make an interesting contrast to a more verdant jungle setting.

Fancy A Bite?

As well as that they are also adding to their Homeland Apocalypse range and the Diner will be available for you to snap up from Salute.


So, if you want to get stuck in and have a full on fight against the undead in here it won't be long until you get an opportunity. Now you just need to smash up some windows and spill blood on the tiles!

Will you be heading over to see 4Ground this year at Salute?

"I love all the detailing that has been done to the interior adding a lot of character to the building..."

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