4Ground Show Off Their Upcoming Sci-Fi Terrain Range!

October 19, 2015 by brennon

4Ground have been kind enough to share with us the first images of their upcoming 28mm Sci-Fi Terrain that will be released later this year with pre-orders beginning from the 30th of October. See what you think...

Jesserai 28mm

The whole set is made in the same way as the rest of their terrain and there will be three different pieces initially with one of them being a two storey building for a bit of elevation.

Full Complex

Each of the buildings also comes with the 'glass' that you see in them above. There will be two types of acetate available within the terrain kit when you get it. One of them will be clear and the other will be orange and 'polarised'. I think that both would look great for various types of building.

Large Building

You can see the two storey building here and then a smaller one below which has the roof removed allowing you to see what's going on inside. I would say this terrain works exceptionally well for the likes of AFTERLIFE or MERCS since it has a very solid and purposeful design which fits in with that world more than the sleek nature of Infinity.

Small Building

Obviously as a whole they are completely generic enabling them to fit into a range of different settings. They would make quite good purpose built housing on a military base or as a research facility. I think we're in for some fun with this range.

I would like to see them do some iconic pieces to fit in with this range too. This could include the likes of power stations, transmission towers, fencing and more.

Will you be getting some of this for your tabletop?

"They would make quite good purpose built housing on a military base or as a research facility..."

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