Brew Up A Storm With 4Ground’s Hardy Dwarven Brewery Coming Soon!

October 17, 2016 by brennon

4Ground have given us another wonderful preview of what lies ahead for the Dwarven Brewery as part of their Karag-Haim collection. See what you think...

Brewhouse Exterior

First off we get a tantalising peek at the exterior of the building where you can see their impressive geometric designs continue to show across the stonework. Twining that with the big tank to the side ready to brew up a storm and you're going to have some excited Dwarves.

We also got a look inside this two storey building at the workings within...

Brewhouse Indoors

Inside there is going to be all manner of machinery and tanks for the brewing of delicious golden ale. The interior will be completely fully detailed and have all the 'works' to make it feel like a proper Dwarven Brewery.

We can't wait for this and it could well be the focus point for an epic encounter on the tabletop. Goblins love to raid these places and steal all the Dwarves hold dear!

What do you think so far?

"Goblins love to raid these places and steal all the Dwarves hold dear!"

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