Join Charity Raffle To Help Wargamer Damon & Daughter Emma

July 8, 2016 by brennon

Fundraising to Help Emma

The wargaming community is a very giving one and so when this popped up in the forums we thought it apt to share it with you to see if you can help. This charity effort on You Caring is to help Damon Anderson's daughter, Emma, who needs an SDR to help with cerebral palsy...

You Might Win an Amazing Parish Church

As well as helping look towards their funding goal of £32,350 by simply heading on over and donating to this wargamer and his family for help with the fund needed for the treatment you can also enter a Charity Raffle from TheTerrainTutor who is giving away the Parish Church Set you see above, fully assembled and ready to go...

Charity Raffle

The Raffle runs until the 10th July and you can find out more about the details of this Raffle over on the Tabletopbattle Group. For a small pledge towards their charity efforts you could be helping AND win something nice too.

You can also go and check out more from Tabletopbattles on their Youtube Channel.

Consider checking this one out and helping...

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