Check Out The Karag-Haim & Grimmstack Buildings From 4Ground!

August 1, 2016 by brennon

Finally we've got a look at the finished buildings that will make up the start of the Karag-Haim (Fabled Realms) and Grimmstack (Steampunk) ranges from 4Ground! These will be available from August 12th to everyone but will be on advanced sale at Gen Con.

Karag Haim #1

The Dreozende of Karag-Haim range is kicking off with a selection of different buildings which are all typically Dwarven and covered in nice geometric shapes.

Karag Haim #2

Each of them have subtle design changes on them to make them stand out a bit. For example this one above has the axes worked into the pillar design lending it more towards a barrack than a place where a family might stay.

This one has a slightly different design again with an elongated end allowing for more space inside to battle around. You could have some good skirmishes around this as goblins come to threaten the Dwarven homeland.

Karag Haim #3

As well as the buildings they have also done a rather neat piece of spot terrain which might be nice to see as an objective on the tabletop.

Dwarf Pillar

This looks like it could be a good focal point for the Dwarves to rally around. If you added some power coursing through the lines at the top and in the runes on the side you'd have a very nice piece of terrain that could give a buff to forces around it.

Grim Steampunk

As well as the High Fantasy angle they are also delving into the smog of a Steampunk city with the Grimmstack range.

Grimmstack #1

The big bright colours are the thing that set this range apart from most giving it that lived in and once-loved feel. You can just imagine how the city looked before it was consumed by industry.

This yellow building has got to be one of the best looking pieces in the range. Set over two floors it comes with a nice balcony area too for you to battle around on. The range is 32mm scale too so it will work with Malifaux, Wild West Exodus and more.

Grimmstack #2

We have one more building in this range. You can imagine the board already with these brightly coloured buildings being crammed into smaller and smaller spaces as warehouses and more spring up around them.

Grimmstack #3

A wonderful range and we hope to see some more of their BIG buildings coming out for this range in the future.

Will you be getting some of these?

"You can just imagine how the city looked before it was consumed by industry..."

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