New Gothic Building & Battlefield Obstacles Coming Soon From 4Ground

September 9, 2016 by brennon

4Ground have shown off some of their new pieces coming to both their Gothic City range and regular Terrain & Obstacle collection which will be available towards the end of the month. We'll kick off with the big building joining the collection.

Gothic City Building

Here you can see a rather impressive building which shows off all manner of interesting gameplay possibilities right off the bat. Imagine clambering around on top of those air-ducts and across of that roof section. A very exciting piece that would make for a neat centrepiece on the gaming table.

Street Terrain

Building on the idea of having packed and lived in streets the team at 4Ground have also been working on nice piece of scatter which will give you cover and look good too. Pieces like their Vending Machines...

Vending Machine

...and their Bus Shelter would be great for hiding behind.


If you're looking to add  a little bit more height to your tabletop as well as a bit of eye candy then check out their Billboards.

Billboard #1

They come with a ladder access and that walkway halfway up which allows you to set up models in sniping positions.

Billboard #2

I like these for sticking amidst your packed streets as ways between rooftops. I also like the idea of putting them up in more rural areas to give a splash of colour to the green and brown.

Lighting The Way

Additionally a range of new lights are also coming out. First up we have this Signal/Spotlight which might be useful for your superhero games or when criminals have hidden away in a building!

Police Spotlight

If you're looking to building more of an industrial look or maybe something down in the sewers then how about the Emergency Lighting rig that you can also get. They both appear to come with the coloured plastic inserts giving you the look of real lights too.

Emergency Lighting

I could see a few of these dotted around a makeshift military camp somewhere within a city. They'd really add to the mood as you laid out the scenario for players.


Last but not least we have some of their Pylons hitting the tabletop.


As you can see it's quite the towering structure and comes with the small walkway about halfway up to make it a gameplay piece as well as something to marvel at.

Pylon (Detail)

Here they've used some of the Spectre Miniatures range to demonstrate the use of the terrain. I could see these crossing an expansive desert board where your US soldiers are making their way towards a convoy to stop it.

What do you think of their offerings for this month?

"I could see these [pylons] crossing an expansive desert board where your US soldiers are making their way towards a convoy to stop it..."

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