Heorot Great Hall Now Available From 4Ground For SAGA!

December 5, 2014 by brennon

The mighty great hall of King Hrothgar from the tales of Beowulf is now available thanks to the combined efforts of both Gripping Beast and 4Ground. Below you can check it out in more detail but it's going to be available via both webstores if you want different options...


Heorot Interior

This is an absolutely amazing piece of terrain that is as amazing to view outside as it is inside. We've talked about this a few times now over the last couple of months but thankfully now that it's available for everyone to buy and not just through events. Right in time for all your historical gamer Christmas wishlists...

Heorot Furniture

As well as the actual building you also get some neat piece of terrain that you can dot around inside making it look less sparse. I love the idea of the King sitting there watching his warriors fighting it out in a display of martial prowess in front of him. Maybe that or a full on raid by an opposing faction forces your warriors back inside the Great Hall and has you skirmishing all over the place.

I've seen this in the flesh a few times and it really is worth considering in my opinion. I do love SAGA though and this period of history as a whole so I reckon that colours my thinking here!

What do you think?

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