4Ground Leave Their Latest Homeland Apocalypse Home In Ruins

September 25, 2017 by dracs

4Ground have revealed the next of their ruined Homeland Apocalypse house.

Damaged Homeland Apocalypse Building

This ruin is in even worse condition than the previous one 4Ground showed off. I wonder what could have happened to destroy one-half of the building like that.

Damaged Homeland Apocalypse Building 2

I can imagine designing something like this would be quite a challenge, to make a building look like it was destroyed naturally rather than by design.

Damaged Homeland Apocalypse Building 3

To my mind, this house looks less like the sort of place that might appear in a zombie apocalypse and more what might be left ater a nuclear blast. It could fit in well with the Fallout setting.

What are your thoughts on this latest building?

"I wonder what could have happened to destroy one half of the building like that..."

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