4Ground Creating A New 28mm Gothic Cityscape This Month

June 15, 2016 by brennon

4Ground have sent through some new previews of what lies ahead for their 28mm Gothic City terrain. They are going to be releasing five new buildings which you can see below. A certain caped crusader is battling atop the roofs so it might give you an indication as to the games you can play...

Building Alt 1

Each of these buildings does have a distinctly Gothic feel to them featured in the design of the windows and the mantles that hang over the doors. I love the brickwork too creating that sense of the old and the new clashing together.

Building Alt 2

All of these buildings have been developed around the 'facade' end of their range so you can't fight inside them but around and on top of them.

Building Alt 3

The fact that we're seeing so many of these buildings in various shapes and sizes also means that we're going to have interesting boards with multiple levels of play. This should make your games that little more fun to play across the rooftops and down in alleyways.

Building Alt 4

It's also nice to see that they've continued to use some of their techniques from other ranges on these buildings. The exposed brickwork shown above from cracked plaster was something we saw on the buildings from their Arabic range and it looks good on this crumbling ruin of a building.

Building Alt 5

Additionally it should be noted that there's plenty of room to play around on-top of the roofs here with ample space for folks to get stuck into a scrap.

A Quick Escape

If you're going to be fighting on rooftops then you'll need a mode of escape. With that in mind we have some Fire Escapes coming from the folks at 4Ground too which also look like an excellent place for a fight.

Fire Escapes

Once again plenty of space on the different levels to fight which is important allowing you to manoeuvre figures around without knocking over everything as you go with your fingers.

Futuristic Power Generators

As well as their releases for the Gothic City range they haven't forgotten about the 28mm Sci-Fi world of the Jessarai Range either. They have also been working on these neat Power Generators.

Power Generators

I could see these being placed around the battlefield in key strategic locations and being a great way to set up objectives. One side might have to run around and turn them all off whilst the other is trying to stop them. Could be a lot of fun.

So there you have it; a new list of releases for 4Ground this month.

What will you be picking up?

"This should make your games more fun to play across the rooftops and down in alleyways..."

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