Pre-Order from 4Ground For A Damaged High Street House

January 30, 2015 by dracs

4Ground have a new Fabled Realms terrain piece now up for pre-order, the third Damaged High Street House to turn your town into a burnt out ruin.

Damaged Highstreet House

Damaged Highstreet House Pieces

Damaged Highstreet House Interior

As you can see, this terrain set presents us with one of 4Ground's cartoonish Fabled Realms houses having suffered from what looks a rather powerful fire. The result is a detailed ruin that would suit skirmish gaming very well, providing cover while not obscuring line of sight.

This Damaged House, given its fantastical proportions, would suit games like Malifaux and Mordheim. The second floor makes this a haven for sharp shooters and would integrate itself well with a narrative setting.

Do you ever use 4Ground's terrain? What do you think of this latest piece?

"This Damaged House would suit games like Malifaux and Mordheim."

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