Pre-order 4Ground’s Masterful Dark Age Norse Dwellings

May 2, 2014 by brennon

4Ground have two more piece of Dark Age Terrain up on their webstore to bring your Norse settlement look a bit more lived in. See what you think of the Trader Shop and Dwelling...

Norse Trader Shop

Norse Trader Shop (Inside)

First up we have this amazing looking Trader Shop that, as with pretty much all of their terrain, can be played around with inside as well. They have gone into so much detail with these buildings and I'd imagine most of it is as historically accurate as you can get. It's an amazing place to have a scuffle.

Norse Dwelling

Norse Dwelling (Inside)

Maybe you want to instead pick up a few of these Norse Dwellings to create a bigger settlement for you to explore? Once again these have a massively high standard of craftsmanship and even the roof with that thatch material looks brilliant.

I reckon you could stow some poor farmers in here and get your opposing Viking warband to raid this so they can carry them away back to the longships.

Awesome, very awesome.

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