4Ground Reveal A Wealth Of Releases For May 2018

May 3, 2018 by brennon

4Ground have a LOT of different kits on the way for you this May. The first of these come from a galaxy far, far away and shows off some of the additional Scatter Terrain that will be part of their Jesserai series. Of course, it perfectly works for use in Star Wars: Legion.

Scatter Terrain #1 - 4Ground

The range of scatter terrain will include Crates like you can see here which can be used as big bunched up terrain and of course built in all manner of different ways to allows you to control the flow of combat and take cover from incoming fire.

Scatter Terrain #2 - 4Ground

As well as the Crates they have been tinkering around on Consoles, Containers and more. The larger shipping containers work as blocking terrain...

Scatter Terrain #3 - 4Ground

...and the Consoles that you see would be useful for objectives and such on the tabletop as well. They come packed with detail as you can see and since they are all pre-coloured all you need to do is fit them together and get ready for some gaming.

Scatter Terrain #4 - 4Ground

All of the terrain you see here is being used as part of their 6' x 3' table which will be available on their webstore. Here are some of the 4Ground team enjoying themselves as they get stuck into some interior gaming rather than heading out onto the planet surface.

Star Wars Legion - 4Ground

We'll break it down again and show off how they look when they pop up on the webstore. Here we have...


Scatter Terrain Crates - 4Ground

Shipping Containers

Shipping Container - 4Ground

Cantina Terrain

Cantina Scatter Terrain - 4Ground

This means that you can start building some of the inner workings of your spaceships and such or indeed just a seedy bar where smugglers hang out. I love the idea of playing with that last set of terrain with some of the desert buildings that we've been seeing coming together over the past few months.

Forest Moons

As well as building terrain for your interior gaming tables the folks at 4Ground also put together some new bundles of Kitbashed Terrain which can be used to create a forest canopy battlefield.

Kitbashed Terrain #1 - 4Ground

Here you can see the set which has been built out of their Wharves and River Defence kits. It also shows off the Tree Tubes that the team at 4Ground have also been working on so that you can actually mount these on.

Kitbashed Terrain (Main) - 4Ground

If the Forest Moon Of Endor is your preferred battlefield then you know where to look now if you don't fancy building your own trees. They don't quite look as 3D as I would have perhaps liked but I think that they are a good way of quickly building up trees for the tabletop.

Tree Trunks - 4Ground

Height is an awesome way of adding more to your games on the tabletop and it's neat to see 4Ground thinking outside the box.

World At War

Looking towards the Historical side of things we are seeing them develop some new terrain pieces this month including their Windmill kit.

Windmill #1 - 4Ground

Once again, and as is the same with all of the 4Ground kits, the buildings come apart so you can play on various floors. This is great of course for skirmish games and would look great when used with Bolt Action.

Windmill (Parts) - 4Ground

As well as the Windmill they have also designed some Watchtowers that you can use for defended compound and urban environments when you're playing Bolt Action, and of course plenty of other World War II games.

Watch Tower (Full) - 4Ground

A perfect machinegun nest for use around a prison complex for example. You could do a proper prison break with floodlights and all!

The Fabled Realms

Fabled Realms also welcomes some new terrain starting out with the Dockside which you see here, giving you a lot of different walkways for cinematic combat.

Fabled Realms Docks - 4Ground

They have also designed themselves a Swing Bridge as well which you could use to hold off your foes as they try and leap towards you!

Fabled Realms Swing Bridge - 4Ground

A proper great way to set up an encounter as your warband is trying to keep another one out of their town. The shot above certainly shows off how epic this game can be.

Last but not least we have this wonderful Watermill which would be a brilliant focal point for your games. I love the idea of playing around the riverside where you could shove your enemies into the churning river.

Fabled Realms Watermill - 4Ground

A nice touch as well of course to see them cut the bottom of the wheel off so that it can drop it into a larger river terrain piece.

Fabled Realms Watermill (Parts) - 4Ground

A nice terrain piece which again offers up some wonderful narrative opportunities on the tabletop. Phew, that was a lot of stuff! The buildings from 4Ground really are impressive and they are beginning to pop up all over the place at my gaming club.

What do you like from their new selection?

"...can be used to create a forest canopy battlefield"

"You could do a proper prison break with floodlights and all!"

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