Get Yourself A Sword Made At 4Ground’s Blacksmith

January 29, 2016 by brennon

4Ground continue to show off their brilliant terrain for Fantasy worlds with Horgar's Blacksmith which is an addition to the City Of Mordanburg range. See what you think of this soot covered shop below...

Blacksmith #1

Blacksmith #2

"On the way to the port city of Mordanburg is the sleepy town of Sleevigval nestled in the Tueden Forest.  This town is far enough away from the city to make it more than a good few days travel, this means that for the people living in the town certain amenities are necessary, one of these amenities is Horgar Aldinsnev’s blacksmiths.

Horgar set up in Sleevigval after an altercation with the Guild of Master Craftesmen and their Guild Master, Lord Edremont.  Horgar, known as the “Grey Hammer” from his days as a wondering battlesmith, is still highly sort after by adventurers that don’t mind upsetting Lord Edremont although Horgar often says “the problem with adventurers is that they want the best weapon or armour money can buy, but they ain’t normally got the money!”"

As you might imagine the interior is also up for grabs with this building so you can try and raid it OR defend it against bandits.

Blacksmith (Interior)

I like that this actually comes with the same type of paving slabs as you might have seen within the Ruins of Daldorr. You could probably take those tiles and lay the groundwork for a town centre.

What do you think?

" can try and raid it OR defend it against bandits"

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