The Old West & 15mm WWII Europe Come To 4Ground

August 28, 2014 by brennon

4Ground have some new releases for the coming month of September that are up for pre-order on their website. In keeping with the Wild West set they have the new Rogan's Bar Add-On followed by some 15mm buildings for World War II and Europe with the Farmhouse and Hayloft...

Rogan's Bar

This bar add-on fits between the ground floor and top floor of the corner building in their wild west selection. It has some great looking big windows so you could even see what kind of action is going on inside!



As well as the building for the Wild West we also have some new additions to the World War II range in 15mm scale. The Farmhouse is a nice big building that could form the centerpiece of a little part of the battlefield whereas the Hayloft allows you to set up some deadly ambushes with machine guns and snipers.



Corner Hotel



Threshing Barn

There are also a few more pieces coming in this farm range and you can check the pieces out above and over on their website!

What do you think of this new terrain?

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