Water Everywhere! Modular Terrain from 6 Squared Studios

July 23, 2014 by deltagamegirl22

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If you fancy adding waterways to your tabletop, then you are going to LOVE this terrain! 6 Squared Studios has an awesome line of 6x6 (are you getting the name reference now?) modular waterway terrain pieces. The pieces are designed to be used as stand alone terrain or in conjunction with your existing gaming systems to add that missing water feature you are looking for. I think the detail looks great on the pieces, but the price is what really caught my attention! Considering the customizability of the pieces and the different ways you can use it, you just about can't afford to not use it.

River #1

River #2

River #3

River #4

The company has other bits of goodness for your hobby as well, including extremely reasonable bases and ship wreck details. The have some really cool free standing piers to use with your water tables too- which is not helping me stave my urge to build a big ship...


Will you be adding these beauties to your hobby?

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