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Hold Off The Bad Guys With Crooked Dice’s Shotgun Armed Cops


Crooked Dice are back to showing off some great previews of what is around the corner. One such release is their set of four Shotgun Armed Cops which could be used to hold off a zombie invasion or criminals assaulting the station!

A Wasteland Warrior Takes To 7TV: Apocalypse


Crooked Dice are continuing to work on bringing the post-apocalypse to 7TV and have just shown off the sculpt for their Wasteland Warrior.

Weekender: Greater Than Games’ Ace Collection & 80’s Cop Fun In Hard City


Welcome to The Weekender which features
us talking about all manner of interesting
tabletop topics including what’s new in the
world as well as chatting with
some ace guests as well.

Take A Seat On Crooked Dice’s Spy-Fi Chairs


Next month, Crooked Dice have announced they will be furnishing your secret lairs with a range of furniture, starting with some recognizable chairs.

Crooked Dice’s New Heroes Face Off Against Alien Foes


The folks at Crooked Dice have released their new models for this month as well as some additional bundled goodies.

Check Out Crooked Dice’s Creepy New Children Of The Fields Previews


Crooked Dice are going to be coming to Kickstarter in May with their Children Of The Fields range…and they are rather creepy, even though inherently they’re not monstrous!

Crooked Dice Are Adamant About Their Newest Unearthly Traveller


Crooked Dice has added another couple of miniature previews to their collection for those diving into 7TV. Here we have the Unearthly Traveller & Plucky Assistant.

Crooked Dice Master Dashing 7TV Heroes & Cult Leaders


Crooked Dice are sending off two new characters for mastering, including a new hero of television and a sinister cultist.

Beware The 7TV February Fungoids From Crooked Dice


Crooked Dice showed off some of the painted versions of their Fungoids that are going to be released on February 1st for 7TV. Mutant monstrosities and transformed terrors await.

Creepy Mr Mangel Joins Crooked Dice’s Children Of The Fields Cast


Building on their Children Of The Fields collection, the folks at Crooked Dice previewed Mr Mangel.

Wasteland Warriors Will Be Raiding Crooked Dice In January


Heading out into the wasteland in search of gear and all sorts, Crooked Dice previewed some final painted models that will be coming your way in January.

Crooked Dice Release The Children Of The Field With Lots Of New Weapons


Crooked Dice recently announced some new releases, including their popular Children of the Fields and an armoury of new weapon options.

Nature Takes Control With Crooked Dice’s Fungoids!


Crooked Dice show that it’s not always some strange form of zombification that takes you when you die. Sometimes nature worms its way inside you and uses humans like puppets!

Crooked Dice Preview A Gentlemanly Children Of The Fields Group


Crooked Dice have shown off some of the cast of the upcoming Children of the Fields set, giving us quite a colourful collection of characters.

The Time Lost Heroes Arrive From Crooked Dice For 7TV


The Time Lost Heroes set is now available for you to snap up from Crooked Dice for the world of 7TV on the tabletop.

Crooked Dice Provide Post-Apocalypse Ready Weapons


Crooked Dice have published a preview of some new conversion pieces they are getting ready to produce.

Send In The Specialists To Clean Up Cooked Dice’s 7TV Creepers


Crooked Dice are previewing some more of their characters and extras for 7TV. Their new set, the TLS Specialists are here to clean up the mess that your heroes are causing as they go on their adventures.

Crooked Dice Start Building A Secret Base


Crooked Dice have released a new terrain set to help you build your villainous Secret Base.

Alien War Priests Become Your Next 7TV Bad Guys


Crooked Dice has previewed some new Alien War Priests for you to add into your future games of 7TV. Each of these could be guarding a temple on some distant world, or below the surface of our very own Earth!

Crooked Dice’s Scooter Gang Rides Out With Their Accessories Case


Crooked Dice have come out with some new releases for 7TV, including moped riding hoodlums and a case for all the game’s accessories.

Crooked Dice Show Off New Scooter Riding Hooligans


Check out three new Rockers who are coming to the Crooked Dice webstore in August to start tearing up the streets and causing mayhem.