7ombieTV Takes Over the UK

November 1, 2012 by dracs

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Crooked Dice have released the new supplement for their 7ombieTV game, For Ghouls and College!

Crooked Dice - For Ghouls and Colleges

This new supplement sees the Zombie apocalypse come to the dark satanic hills of England.

For Ghouls and Colleges brings a UK twist and some minor misdemeanors to 7ombieTV. Play cannibal ghouls such as the twisted Number 11 or two new survivor casts – the Girls of St Searle’s or the vicious Borstal Boys.

Miniatures for the game are starting to appear, with the release of Misty the Zombie Hunter, accompanied by a group of good ol' British bobbies.

Crooked Dice - Misty Zombie Hunter

Crooked Dice - Coppers

Crooked Dice - Guard Dog

So guys, if you fancy taking on the zombie apocalypse, hockey stick in hand, head over to Crooked Dice and pick up 7ombiesTV For Ghouls and College.

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