7TV’s Temporal Travelers are Released into the Time Stream

January 1, 2015 by dracs

The second set of Temporal Travelers have been released from Crooked Dice, ready to lend assistance to any medically minded time travelers who might be in need.

Temporal Travelers 2

We previously saw this set of Temporal Travelers as WiP greens and now we get to see them completed and fully painted. Two of them are reinterpretations of previous companion miniatures, but are now tooled up for some serious carnage, while the other two are a pair of classics in themselves.

These models brilliantly capture the image of the television characters that they are in no way supposed to represent, making them superb for collectors, as well as for inclusion in games of 7TV where no doubt their various skills will come in very useful.

Which of these Temporal Travelers would you choose as a companion?

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