The Crooked Dice Astronauts Blast Off

June 11, 2012 by dracs

Crooked Dice have now released their new Astronaut minis, with painted images being posted both on their home page and their Facebook.

Crooked Dice - Painted Astronauts

Crooked Dice - Astronauts

Having watched Iron Sky this weekend my imagination is on fire with thoughts for games taking place across the moon base of the villain, perhaps these minis might be the way to achieve such a scenario. Now does anyone know where I can get some space Nazis?

Crooked Dice have also published this preview image of what looks to be a rather suave new addition to their range.

Crooked Dice - Dr Hugo Solomon

This image was taken from the Crooked Dice newsletter (which you can subscribe to by following the instructions on the left of their homepage) and shows the new miniature of Dr Hugo Solomon.

Will any of you be jetting off to space? What do you think of the good Doctor?

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