Crooked Dice Fly You to the Moon

January 20, 2014 by dracs

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Crooked Dice have got plenty planned for this new year, with starter boxes and new adventures all on the horizon. For now though they have set their sights on the moon with the release of the ARC Moonbase Crew.

Moonbase Crew

This bold band of adventurers staffs the moonbase of the Albion Rocket Consortium, whose astronauts are already available.

The good news is, should you feel the need to relocate to the moon, Crooked Dice are currently running a special offer in which you can get five crew members and 6 astronauts for £10.

Still, maybe space travel isn't your thing. Maybe you prefer the days of classic horror films. Crooked Dice will soon be delving in to those murky waters with their next 7ombieTV supplement, Vlad's Army.

Vlad's Army

Vlad's Army brings the terror of vampires into the game of 70mbieTV, as well as new rules for vampire hunters and the military who are trying to hold off these supernatural horrors. So if you were a fan of the classic Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee horror movies this might be something to keep an eye out for.

Is there anything you would particularly like to see appearing from Crooked Dice in the future?

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