Crooked Dice Release the Officers of Department X

June 23, 2014 by dracs

Over on the 7TV show, two new characters have joined the cast of Department X; meet the officers General Gordon and Sgt 'Big Tam' Frazer.

General Gordon and Sgt Big Tam Frazer

These two are the officers of Department X, leading the soldiers and agents in their attempts to deal with all the mysterious goings on that the organisation must face. And as with many members of the Department, there is something rather familiar about them...

General Gordon

General Gordon Back

Sgt Big Tam Frazer

Sgt Big Tam Frazer Back

Both of these models are very well sculpted, with an impressive attention to detail, right down to the texture on the sergeant's socks. They should be seeing a release in August, when you will be able to field the full force of U.N.I.T., I mean Department X!

Are any of you planning on having these two lead the Department?

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