Crooked Dice Show You Need to Get a Head in Life

April 20, 2012 by dracs

Crooked Dice have a deal on a selection of new heads to mix and match between your miniatures.

Everything from aliens to heroes, Crooked Dice will have what you need.

Crooked Dice - Head Deal

Crooked Dice - Simian Heads

Crooked Dice - Dolly Bird Heads

Crooked Dice - Henchmen Heads

These are just a few of Crooked Dice's large selection of heads, as well as other accessories.

I must admit I have saved the best till last.

Crooked Dice - Traveling Tweedy Heads

The Travelling Tweedy heads. Because Stetsons and Fezzes are cool.

Who thinks they might might take advantage of this and pick up some extra heads? After all, two heads may be better than one but a selection has got to be best.

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