Crooked Dice Take One Small Step for Man

May 18, 2012 by dracs

Crooked Dice have previewed some greens on their Facebook which will allow your 7TV games to become out of this world.

Crooked Dice - Astronauts

This is their latest batch of astronauts and we can expect to see them blasting off this June. Whether they are exploring the far reaches of space or guarding the evil genius' moon base, these guys are sure to fill a niche in your games you might not even have known was there.

Crooked Dice have also released a new PDF document to provide you with even more adventures to play out on your table top.

Crooked Dice - Rogues' Gallery

This will provide you with all you need to run the three quick play episodes which Crooked Dice were running at Salute this year.

Do you want to blast your adventures off into space? Do you want to try out some quick and easy 7TV episodes? Be sure to leave us your thoughts on these in the comments section.

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