Crooked Dice Teach You How to be a Villain

November 1, 2013 by dracs

When becoming a villain there are a lot of things you have to organise, such as sorting out your henchmen, practising your evil laugh and writing a villain's speech. But now you can just follow the easy instructions of Crooked Dice's Villains Programmes Guide.

Villains Programme Guide

This new supplement for 7TV provides you with a whole bunch of extras for the villains from three of the game's most popular programmes. In these pages you will find new background, casts, equipment, vehicles, locations and plenty more for The Argonauts, S.H.I.V.A. and United Radionics.

Picking this up will allow you to expand your current games of 7TV, coming up with new scenarios and situations so that you are not just stuck with the same old repeats again.

Have any of you ever played 7TV? Do you prefer to be the heroes or the villains?

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