Crooked Dice’s Thugee Betrayed Kali!

December 4, 2013 by dracs

Crooked Dice have a host of new releases for your pulp adventures, including a gang of the Thugee, the vicious Hindu cult dedicated to the god of destruction and villains of the second Indiana Jones movie.


Thuggee Heads

The Thuggee are servants of the villainous SHIVA and strike from the shadows with swords and garrotes. But they do not strike out against SHIVA's enemies alone, striding beside them comes the mighty construct known as the destroyer.


However, not all fighting machines are made of stone. To sort out his metal creations Ulysses Argo is also accompanied by a Repair Drone.

Repair Drone

Finally we get to some real muscle. Now you can call upon the martial arts mastery of Bolo.


Bolo is the master trainer and bodyguard for the villainous Guru. A vicious fighter, Bolo will high kicking action to the tabletop.

Which of Crooked Dice's villainous new additions do you like most?

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