Crooked Dice’s Vortex Adventurers Show Their True Colours

March 18, 2014 by dracs

Crooked Dice has taken time from their Salute preparations to share with all an image of their newly painted Vortex Adventurers, who shall be appearing on April 1st.

Vortex Adventurers

Let's not beat about the bush, you know it, I know it, these are the Doctor as he appeared in the Day of the Doctor and its accompanying Night of the Doctor short.

For the most part they are a brilliant portrayal of their respective iterations. However, I was a bit confused about who the one on the far left was supposed to be. It is only now that I see him painted up that I realise this is Peter Capaldi's Doctor.

Will you be joining these Vortex Adventurers on their journeys through time and space come April? Which Doctor do you particularly want to see in miniature form?

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