Enjoy the Calibre of Crooked Dice’s 100th Mini

February 10, 2013 by dracs

It's hard to believe that Crooked Dice are about to reach their 100th mini.Yes, 100 cool models catering to all of our sci-fi nostalgia. And what are they choosing for this landmark? The Madame Droid.

Crooked Dice - Madame Droid

This leader of the Femdroids will come with whip, alternative robot or human style heads and, of course, booby guns.

She won't be alone among the new releases as she will also be joined by a group of SCUBA divers.

Crooked Dice - Scuba

As you can see these divers are wearing diving gear that no diver would actually think of wearing, i.e. not water-proof or warm and with far more style than your usual dry suit. So we can probably assume they are henchmen of some kind. This is actually pretty interesting, as the inclusion of divers opens the game for some intriguing plays and scenarios.

Do any of you play 7TV? Will you be celebrating the 100th mini?

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