Get Your Evil Minions from Crooked Dice

September 1, 2013 by dracs

What is an evil genius without an army of faceless goons to carry out their bidding? If you're in need of some new minions, why not check out these new releases from Crooked Dice?

Minion Commander and Administrator

These first two are the Minion Commander and Administrator, because the evil genius cannot be expected to oversee everything.

But what if the hero you are sending your minions after just won't die? Then it is time for them to break out the heavy weaponry.

Minion HMG Team

These models do a good job in recreating the uniformed private armies we are used to seeing in classic action films. If they still have too much individuality for your taste, Crooked Dice have also released some new head variants.

Balaclava Heads

United Radionics Heads

Do you need to grab some goons?

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