Fire Up the Quattro, Crooked Dice Cops Are On the Case

January 6, 2013 by dracs

When it comes to the criminals of 70's and 80's England, there is one name which they fear above all. A name which means you are surrounded by armed b*stards. That name is DI Frank Skelton.

Crooked Dice - Frank Skelton Lenny Kennedy and Cathy Black

Crooked Dice's latest minis are based after the iconic characters from the police drama Life on Mars. DI Frank Skelton, accompanied by DC Lenny Kennedy and WPC Cathy Black, is ready to clean up the streets of the criminal scum this January.

Backing them up come the boys in blue.

Crooked Dice - Police Flat Cap Sprue

Crooked Dice - Coppers

With these guys on the streets criminals are going to be more nervous than a very small nun at a penguin shoot.

Will these fine upstanding defenders of the law be treading your beat?

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