Jet Off to Foreign Lands With the New 7TV Supplement!

April 2, 2012 by dracs

Its rare for cult TV heroes and villains to keep their adventuring at home. Every week you'd turn on the TV to find them setting off to some new exotic locale, or the villain's base being in an ever more extravagantly flamboyant position. Well now Crooked Dice have provided you with a new 7TV supplement to send your cast jet setting off over the globe. Its time to play On Location!

Crooked Dice - 7TV On Location

This set provides you with all the rules you need for setting your games in the most extreme of environments and situations, whether in the dark or even under water.

Crooked Dice - On Location Submarine

But this is not all. In this supplement you will find rules for new characters, gadgets and gizmos, animals and even how to parashoot into the show.

Crooked Dice - On Location Parashoot

This 112 page supplement is now available to buy as a pdf, or pre-order as a book. But if your still not sold on it yet then be sure to click the following link to get a 13 page preview!

So what are you waiting for? Head over to Crooked Dice, grab yourself a copy, hop in the Aston Martin and set off! Only please try to bring it back in one piece this time, its just had a new coat of paint.

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