July Sees 7TV’s Department X Bring Gear to Get the Job Done

June 11, 2014 by dracs

July looks like it is going to be an interesting month for players of Crooked Dice's pulp skirmish game 7TV, as a couple of new releases have just been previewed, not least of which is the advanced weapons team for the Department X commandos.

Department X Weapons Team

These two bring with them a suitably scifi looking gun, perfect for stopping the perfidious plans of an alien invasion dead in its tracks. There's no doubt, this is a weapon that the unit could be proud of.

It's a good job too, as they will need it against the new Plastons that next month will be bringing us.

Plastons and Metalnaut

Accompanied by a sinister Metalnaut, these Plastons are far more dangerous than your average shop dummy. I think that these are even better than the Crooked Dice's current Plastons, each geared up in the finest of 1970s fashion and with the inhumanly regular features that you would expect from a window display.

Will you be turning on your TV to watch 7TV?

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