Need a Minion? Why Not Get a Crooked Dice Robo-Minion?

October 1, 2013 by dracs

Crooked Dice is looking to the future as dastardly villains can now update their workforce by taking on robo-minions! So much more reliable than standard organic minions.


The cyborg creations of Ulysses Argo, truly these are the minions of tomorrow. Even if one of them is wearing bell bottom jeans.

The cool thing about these miniatures is theyseem to be drawing inspiration from a number of different cyborg racves across science fiction. For example, the one on the right is very reminiscent of classic Doctor Cybermen (best Who villains ever, by the way), while the far left one is like a steampunk member of the Borg.

Of course they could be from something even earlier than that, but hey I grew up in the 90's.

Robo-minion Heads

Robo-minion Weapons

Are you going to update your army of evil minions with these robotic slaves?

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