Next Month Crooked Dice’s Detectives Take on Crime

February 3, 2014 by dracs

So many great old TV shows revolve around the efforts of tough, renegade detectives taking on the crime bosses. Next month, Crooked Dice will be helping to bring such battles of the law to the table with their greens of the Tough 'Tecs and Lowlifes.

Crooked Dice Greens

Sculpted by Ernst Veingart, these new greens show an impressive level of detail and motion in the folds of their clothing. Once painted up they should look excellent and will be ready to take to the mean streets of the city.

It isn't just cops and robbers that Crooked Dice are bringing us to play with as two of the SHIVA co-stars are also appearing soon.

Dr Mao and Mannequin

These two, named Dr. Mao and Mannequin, should prove interesting new additions to the cast of SHIVA. Dr. Mao in particular looks like the atypical mad scientist straight out of all those great pulp TV shows.

How do you think things are shaping up at Crooked Dice?

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