Patrol Crooked Dice’s Beat With the New 7TV Supplement

March 12, 2013 by dracs

Crooked Dice have released a new pdf Programme Guide for your games of 7TV. It's time to play cops and robbers with The Beat.

7TV - The Beat

This supplement will allow you to draw upon classic cop shows, such as The Sweeney, or even more modern ones like Life on Mars, bringing a world of robbers, murderers and crooked (dice) cops to the gaming table.

Now if crime dramas aren't exactly your thing then don't worry as Crooked Dice have also released some new miniatures. The long awaited Madame Droid and Scuba Divers.

7TV - Madame Droid and Scuba Divers

We got a look at these back when they were first released and they are now available to include in your games of 7TV.

Will you be joining the Beat?

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