Put on Funny Robes and Join the Cult of Crooked Dice

October 30, 2013 by dracs

It seems that there is never a shortage of people willing to dress up in silly robes and worship phenomenal powers of evil as Crooked Dice are showing off some Cultists for the modern day.


Cultists 2

Cultists 3

Shadowy cults working behind the scenes are something of a mainstay of pulp television, so it is good to see a group released who have worked out how to use guns. The gaming market has plenty of hooded figures waving flaming torches and wavy daggers so it is good that Crooked Dice have released some who might prove more of a challenge for the hero to go up against.


The good thing about these cultists is that they could be used in all sorts of gaming scenarios, from Cthulhu adventures to 7TV. They may not have the same, animalistic degenerate nature Lovecraftian cultists are usually depicted with, but scatter them among a couple of other cultist minis and you have a good, modern evil cult.

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