Seek Wisdom from Crooked Dice’s Maniacal Guru

October 7, 2013 by dracs

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Two new and rather exotic looking miniatures have appeared over at Crooked Dice. Set for releases in early November they are the imposing Guru and the assassin Kali.

In my opinion the Guru is one of the best miniatures Crooked Dice has ever shown off.

The Guru

Guru Scale

One foot on a prostrate cultist with dramatic robes whipping around him. You cannot get much cooler than this guy. I would be tempted to pick him up just to use as an evil wizard, or even a vampire.

Kali, on the other hand, is slightly less flamboyant, but no less cool.


Kali Scale

Kali is an assassin in the employ of SHIVA and has been sculpted in a far more dynamic stance that Crooked Dice usually go for.

However, I have to say that something about her doesn't quite sit right with me. I think it is the way her arm is thrown out straight behind her. Despite the fact that the sculpt in general has a lot of motion, that arm looks uncomfortably static.

Which do you prefer, the Assassin or the Guru?

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